YellowTree Farm by Justin Leszcz

Justin Leszcz is an artisan woodworker living in St. Louis, Missouri. Justin began woodworking at an early age, a self-taught hobby he has continued to pursue while owning and operating YellowTree Farm, a bio-intensive urban farm in St. Louis. In 2014, Justin shifted his focus primarily to woodworking and YellowTree was born.

Justin’s material of choice is a variety of reclaimed wood he salvages from the frequent renovations of hundred-year-old buildings in South St. Louis. Justin salvages materials from renovation sites and construction dumpsters in the area.  He salvages the wood, cleans it, and incorporates the natural patterns and colorations into his finished products.

Depending on the type of piece Justin is creating, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to complete. Justin primarily creates custom furniture, decorative artwork, light fixtures, and specialty kitchenware. He also contracts with local establishments for custom build-outs of commercial and residential space.

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