Ann Kathryn Kehoe at Union Studio

Join us Saturday, November 12th, for a lovely afternoon with metalsmith Ann Kathryn Kehoe. While Ann currently lives in Milwaukee, WI, she is from St. Charles, Missouri. Speaking of her work, Ann says, "I enjoy creating pieces that hold empowering messages and offer natural emotional support.  I work with healing gemstones and often incorporate uplifting symbols and encouraging words, hidden for the sole purpose of empowering the wearer.  My latest work incorporates essential oils, infusing even more natural benefits into each fabricated piece. I use a variety of traditional metalsmithing techniques to create my jewelry. Many designs are hand-fabricated out of raw silver, bronze, brass, 14K gold and semi-precious gemstones, while others are carved out of wax and cast in metal.  I design and fabricate all work by hand in my home studio."