Sennit + Sauvage 

Sennit + Sauvage (pronounced like Senate and Sew-vaʒ ) is home to a curated collection of leather goods and textiles for wear and decor, original art, as well as jewelry and ephemera. Our mission statement; Constantly striving to provide the highest levels of technique and simplicity as keys for longterm quality and sustainability carries through into every part of my business.

My theory-- that being handmade does not mean an item shouldn't be held to a high quality standard-- guides everything I create. I am often influenced by color, texture and pattern and the way they make me feel, so with each collection, I'm often working with textiles and leathers that have a history; kilims from the Middle East, hand-dyed mud cloth from Africa, embroidered tapestry from my own family's past, plus new materials like shearling, leathers, hand-dyed textiles, and more. By utilizing techniques and materials handed down through generations, I strive to make beautiful, well made, useful objects and clothing that can be enjoyed for years to come. All of my pieces are created by my hands in St. Louis, MO and are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition. 

The creative force behind S + S is Allyson Bailey Wilmowski. With nearly 8 years in the handmade arts, and with quality and technique at top of mind, she launched Sennit + Sauvage in 2014. She currently lives and creates from her home studio in the Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis with help from her husband Tom; their daughters, Tabitha and Beatrice.

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