Green Earth Art Company

Nature has been creative since the beginning of time. One could argue that Nature created everything we know in the physical world....colors, shapes, textures, sounds, tastes, materials. Humans responded with emotions and wonder and used those gifts to shape our personal worlds.

Green Earth Art Company celebrates Nature and Beauty in its strength and simplicity. We seek to create personal Sanctuary through concrete castings of recognizable but beautiful forms for home, body and garden. Boulders, trees, earth, water and sky all come together in the simple aggregate of concrete. Concrete yet beautiful.

Every Green Earth Art Company piece is unique in its imperfection, influenced strongly by the Wabi-Sabi concept of Japanese Culture. Our growing line of Nature-inspired products celebrates many centuries of Art & Design from the Classic Fleur de Lys Wall Hanging to the historically interesting architectural reproductions of Grotesques from Oxford University buildings.

Our products are made by four strong hands in a garage-converted studio in St. Louis, MO. We are influenced by ancient and modern cultures and by what we see, read and hear about every day: Classic, Modern, Traditional, Ethnic, Whimsical--we try not to set boundaries in our designs.

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