Mandy Pedigo

Mandy Pedigo is a textile artist living in St. Louis, Missouri. She earned her MFA in Textiles from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She exhibits her work in shows across the country and won numerous awards. Mandy’s work explores the relationships between self, land, family history and memory.

Artist Statement:

As a process artist, I am drawn to activities that require a lot of time, repetition and precision. I use this time to meditate, repeating a motion over and over again. The main processes of my work are weaving, embroidering, and dyeing the materials I need to make my work. I relish the many opportunities for decision-making each step provides.

I am very intentional in my choice of materials. Linen, cotton, hemp, wool and silk all have a long history of human cultivation and use in textiles. Weaving and embroidery similarly have a long history of use and cross over borders of culture. It is important for me to think about my textiles as a part of a larger tradition and collective memory.

Much of my work functions as maps; maps tell us how to get to our destinations, describes the details of a particular place and how to orient ourselves to our surroundings. Maps evolve in response to changes to place, terrain and land use. Like maps, our memories change over time; the image we retain of a location seldom matches its actual character.

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