Leah Southerland

My work as an Artist is influenced and nurtured by my work as a woman, a mother, and a teacher.  Trying to live my life as a whole, rather than as separate parts, I look for balance, beauty and inspiration in my every day life, in the man-made and natural world that surrounds me.  The line, texture and color created by simple objects or reactions between objects, by the juxtaposition of chaos and control which human beings negotiate on a daily basis - this is the beauty that inspires me.

I received a BA in Studio Art in 1999, but it wasn't until I had become a wife and mother and delved into a career in Art Education (MS in Art Education 2005) that I truly claimed the label of Artist. My desire to both create and teach Art stems from the belief that Art is essential to our human experience, integral to our cultural and physical environment, and that it should be absolutely accessible to every single one of us.  I work primarily in watercolor, ink, and paper-making, but have dabbled in and instructed students of all ages in a large variety of media.