Kirsten O'Loughlin and Henry Goldkamp of WTHSTL

Kirsten O'Loughlin

My work is always a collaboration of sorts with the living and the dead — I am drawn to the written word, to letterforms and forgotten technique, and exploring new ways of wrestling thoughts into image and form across a wide berth of mediums. My intention and hope is to occasionally compel an audience to wonder for a moment, to make them pause for a glance, for a sigh, for a smile.

Henry Goldkamp

I have an inclination towards the word work rather than art. That being said, my work is indirectly influenced by the artistic, natural cacophony of the Mississippi River. My poetry and prose embodies two truths: the uncanny ways in which the past shreds its way into the present time and place; that we have an obligation to respect the wretched temptations that technology dangles over us each day. My work for the public is meant not to create a product, but to create an artist within the otherwise "non-artistic" passerby. Above all, I hold a belief of ultimate beauty within the everyday phrasings, mud/brick ratio, sales pitches, text breakups, longwinded briberies and air as canvas.

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