Jenny Walker of Jenny Walker Jewelry

Jenny was introduced to jewelry making in high school at a local art college that offered classes to teens.  She attended Parsons School of Design for two years, then transferred to Maine College of Art where she received her BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making.

"Every piece of jewelry begins with raw stock materials: silver, copper, brass, or gold sheet wire, vitreous enamel, and colorful stones that are cut, carved, forged, fired, sanded, and polished until the design becomes material.  I enjoy the process and repetition involved in making jewelry; it makes me feel like Geppetto and I like that.

I like it when a piece of jewelry becomes imbued with memory and you can't stop wearing it because it has become a part of you.

I'm inspired by nature, like everyone else, but I am also interested in creating work that has an unexplainable charm-like quality, expressed through the use of special stones, colors, words, and timeless shapes."

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