Carmelita Nuñez of Kung Fu Chicken

Carmelita Nuñez is a ceramic artist who creates beautiful functional pieces for people’s everyday rituals. When you perform those rituals—everyday things such as eating, drinking, and gathering with friends or family either casually or formally—your dinnerware and drinkware should reflect your personality and represent just how special those moments are. When you are creating those everyday moments, the vessels that you use for those occasions should also reflect how precious life is. She knows that our surroundings are special and personal. We all like to surround ourselves with things that are complimentary to our personal tastes and values. Whether it's magnets, drawer pulls, or other housewares, she makes things that suit your needs of comfort, beauty and function. Carmelita also makes simple decorative things, personal adornments. The necklaces, pins, earings and other jewelry that she creates are snippets of illustrations that she uses on larger pieces. They are lovely little items that give you a feeling of whimsy.

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