Carly Kurka 

Carly Kurka (b.1989) is a contemporary artist based in St. Louis, Missouri. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking from the University of Missouri Columbia. She also received a minor in Art History and Archeology. In addition to her studio practice, Carly works as a printer at Pele Prints. Pele Prints is a collaborative printmaking studio based in St. Louis. Carly works directly with her mentor, Amanda Verbeck, a collaborative print publisher. Carly’s current work includes multi-colored flats of color that are gridded out to form a shape. Her shape of choice is recognized by her as a “diamond grenade," and her palate choices are often formed in an almost monochrome set of a hue with a pop of color. The pop can be recognized by the overlaying palates’ complimentary color. She is interested in perspective and various planes on a flat surface. Carly’s work includes all three elements of painting, drawing, and printmaking. 

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