Anne Manley

Born and raised in rural Maryland, Anne Manley is a gifted painter whose work captures the physical and emotional landscapes around her, as well as the human connections she experiences.

After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Visual Communications and Photography from Towson State University in Maryland, Ms. Manley lived and worked in Washington, DC, Miami, Baltimore and is now based in St. Louis.  The changing natural world as well as her spiritual beliefs are the cornerstones of her artistic career because of the precise technical detail she could achieve through that medium.  Very quickly, however, she transitioned to painting, as she was drawn to the deeper emotional resonance she could create on canvas.  Both Ms. Manley and her work are engaging on many levels.  She is adept at instilling emotional timbre in her paintings, and is deeply interested in the feelings they inspire in others.  Her landscapes and portraits range from serene to stormy and from bright to brooding.

Her emergence as a strong and thoughtful painter has earned her much notice and acclaim in the Baltimore/ Washington area and St. Louis.  Since deciding to work full time as an artist in 2005, she has had a number of very successful shows including group shows at Gallery plan b (Washington, DC), and Agora Gallery (Chelsea, New York, NY).  Her work was displayed in MTV's the Real World in Washington, DC in 2010, and in 2013 her work was selected for Choice Art at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.  Commissioned works by Ms. Manley are held in private collections in Baltimore, Miami, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.

"I believe that there is a thread that connects all of humanity.  My interest lies within the exploration of that connection and how we relate to one another as well as the physical world around us.  My work reflects a spiritual place where the light and shadows take on new formations.  As an artist, I feel it is important to give the observer a glimpse into the artistic process to let them see the layers through which my work is created.  I like my paintings as well as my drawings to speak for themselves, giving each viewer a unique experience with them."

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